Accounting Services

Legal entities

  • Provision of Internal – External Control Services (regular – extraordinary)
  • Bookkeeping at our office or at the headquarters of the company
  • Submission of provisional and final FMY
  • Electronic submission of VAT forms
  • Preparation of aggregate customer / supplier reports
  • Restructurings – mergers – acquisitions of companies
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Advice on financial ratio improvement and tax planning
  • Inititation and termination of business operations
  • Application to subsidized programs through OAED and NSRF, programs and VOUCHER
  • Monitoring of company performance in accordance with pre-specified goals
  • Cash flow analysis
  • International accounting standards
  • Management of intra-Community trade
  • Foundation of Foreign Companies and Branches
  • Tax representation of foreign companies


  • Compilation and submission of tax returns E1, E2 and E9
  • Amending statements E1, E2, E9
  • Submission of A21 family allowance application
  • Submission of request for heating subsidy
  • Issuance of tax clearance certificate
  • Payment of vehicle tax
  • Submission of debt settlement requests
  • Management of bureaucratic work in Public Services and organizations (DOU, OAEE, IKA, other insurance funds, labor inspectorates, Municipalities, Prefectures, Banks, OAED, Chambersetc)
  • Leasing contracts of all kinds
  • Private agreements of all kinds
  • Advise on tax domicile, tax planning, capital consumption
  • Procedures to avoid double taxation
  • Tax representation


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